Medicinal aluminum bottle sample bottle

Aseptic API aluminum bottle It is widely used in the packaging of sterile apis and antibiotics API powders. Aluminum has chemical stability and protection functions.Aluminum containers, especially after oxidation, are ideal containers for holding pharmaceutical raw materials.


The company specializes in the production of medicinal aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum barrels, aluminum cans, and other aluminum container packaging products, a variety of specifications, a variety of uses, widely used in the medical, chemical, and food industries, such as aluminum cans for powder antibiotics, vitamins and other powder dosage forms aseptic raw material pharmaceutical packaging; liquid aluminum bottles are used to hold liquid vitamins, flavors, fragrances, food additives, antibiotics and other raw materials.

1. Choose the best material

Pharmaceutical-grade rubber rings and rubber plugs have good air tightness and non-toxic side effects.

2. Advanced production equipment

The aluminum barrel processing equipment is imported from Europe, the parameters are uniformly controlled by the computer, the size deviation of the aluminum barrel is small, and the product specifications are accurate and standardized.

3. Professional oxide film treatment technology

The inner and outer surfaces of each aluminum barrel are anodized and equipped with professional oxide film testing equipment to ensure that the oxide film evenly covers the whole barrel.

4. Standardized cleaning and sterilization

Equipped with a professional cleaning line, the proportion of cleaning solution and drying temperature are accurate to ensure that the quality of mass production is controllable.

5. Clean and safe packaging

After sterilization, it directly enters the purification packaging room for sealing and packaging, PE packaging bags and five-layer corrugated boxes to ensure the safety of transportation in aluminum drums.

6. Strict quality control

The product has obtained the national pharmaceutical packaging materials registration certificate and has passed the ISO9001 quality certification, which meets the quality requirements at home and abroad.

7. Fast and efficient delivery speed

The minimum inventory is guaranteed for many years, and it takes customers a short time from placing an order to shipping, which is convenient and fast.

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