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多功能储粮罐,罐身采用优质药用合金整片拉伸成型,无接缝、表面光滑、无死角。 304不锈钢卡扣设计,方便开启、确保密封性,天然锁鲜。 硅胶密封圈,无毒、无味、抗老化、安全环保。 全铝合金材质,轻便、遮光、防潮、防虫、防霉,表面经过阳极氧化层处理,符合食品级别,卫生安全,不生锈的优点。 不仅颜值高还能装,轻松收纳、自然美观;是居家收纳储藏米、面粉、杂粮、干果、茶叶、油品等的理想容器。



Function description:

Multifunctional grain storage tank, the tank body is made of high-quality medicinal alloy, the whole piece is stretched and formed, with no seams, smooth surface and no dead ends.

304 stainless steel buckle design, easy to open, ensure sealing, and naturally lock fresh.

Silicone sealing ring, non-toxic, odorless, anti-aging, safe and environmentally friendly.

Made of all aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, shading, moisture-proof, insect-proof, and mildew-proof. The surface is treated with anodized oxide layer, which meets the advantages of food grade, hygiene and safety, and no rust.

It is not only high in appearance, but also can be packed, easy to store, natural and beautiful; it is an ideal container for home storage and storage of rice, flour, grains, dried fruits, tea, oils, etc.


Comparison with other material storage containers:

Ancient ceramic rice bowl, large in size and inconvenient;

Stainless steel barrels are too expensive and the cost is too high;

Bamboo barrels, wooden barrels, heavy weight, damp and mildew;

Plastic barrels do not block light; recycled plastics produce carcinogens!

Aluminum alloy barrel, shading, lightweight, moisture-proof, insect-proof, mildew-proof, surface oxide layer treatment, hygienic and safe, never rust.


Safety description:

The products are completely produced using the equipment and technology of medicinal aluminum bottles, which meet the safety requirements of pharmaceutical packaging containers.

The company's medicinal aluminum bottle products are approved products by the State Food and Drug Administration, with the approval number: “Sinopharm Package word 20120249”, and the registration number of pharmaceutical packaging materials of the National Drug Review Center: “B20170000654”.

“Medicinal aluminum bottles" are the only packaging containers used in sterile raw materials and powders in the world. The grain storage tanks produced by the company belong to sterile pharmaceutical packaging and are used in the field of civil products, which are safe and reliable.

The surface of the grain storage tank has been anodized, and the hygiene indicators meet the safety standards of the national GB4806.9-2016 "Metal Materials and Products for Food Contact".

The anodizing treatment process is that the oxide film layer that grows on the surface of the material under the action of electrolysis of aluminum will not fall off; therefore, the top layer is not aluminum, but a thick layer of aluminum oxide, and the aluminum oxide is very stable under neutral and weakly acidic (weakly alkaline) conditions.

Aluminum pots and pans have been widely used in Japan, and outdoor picnic cookware in the United States is mostly made of aluminum.

Almost all the aluminum ingested in the human body in daily life comes from aluminum-containing food additives; research data show that the amount of aluminum ingested by drinking water from an aluminum kettle for a year without eating a fritter is large.


Precautions for use:

Friction with other hard appliances should be avoided to prevent the surface oxide film from being damaged;

It is not advisable to put salt, sauce, vinegar, wine, fruit juice, baking powder and other condiments and beverages for a long time;

Not suitable for pickling pickles and kimchi;

It should not be dried directly, it should not be used to cook food for a long time, and it should not be fried in cans.;

Should not be used for decoction;

The tank and all accessories are inedible;


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