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100ml Small Aluminum Bottles for sample packaging

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100ml Small Aluminum Bottles for sample packaging

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Sterile aluminum canisters are widely used in packaging APIs, antibiotic pharmaceutical powder.

Aluminum, have good chemical stability. Aluminum containers, especially the anodized treatment aluminum containers, is the best method to packaging pharmaceuticals.

The aluminum canisters have some advantages:

1.       Are made of A1100 aluminum circle, 99.5% aluminum, have good chemical stability, can avoid moisture and light.

2.       Anodization,the aluminum canister has anodized surface, oxide film thickness is more than 6μm, have high corrosion resistance.

3.       Sealing property, the aluminum canister is made of whole piece of aluminum circle, there is no gap. Aluminum neck and mouth are starched by machine, sealing with aluminum cap and rubber stopper, can protect the pharmaceuticals well.

4.       Sterile treatment, after water wash-high temperature and pressure-D grade clean room, the aluminum canisters are sterile.

5.       Sealing tool, our company can supply manual sealing tool, seal bottle caps.

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