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Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum blister foil

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Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum blister foil

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Instructions: the product name element foils single, double printed foil single, double color foil

Typical structure OP/AL/VC OP/printing/AL/VC


OP/printing/AL/printing/VC color OP/printing/AL/VC

OP/printing/AL/printing/color VC

Color OP/printing/AL/printing/VC


Product features:


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High precision printing, color is rich, design clarity. Grain foil can be in automatic drug blister packaging machine online printing.

Has good resistance oxygen sex, moistureproof sex, and molding materials sealing, can avoid light, quality.

Cover with excellent high temperature resistant performance, sticking layer is very heat sealing performance, can be in PVC, PVC/PVDC, NY/AL/PVC composite sheet material thermal bonding, good sealing.

The aluminum foil as base material, easy to push or danced, convenient consumers taking, packing blister board and easy to carry, easy to transport storage and prevent the pollution.

Suitable for high-speed automatic production, according to user packaging machine model can provide 0.025 mm to 0.20 mm thickness, 50 mm-750 mm width of the products.

Category: medicinal aluminum foil series

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